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We train you to various standards


Legal requirements


Organisation to be set up and definition of roles and responsibilities

Equipment: how to implement optimum equipment management

Stock management

Management of products out of specification, complaints and recalls

Normative language and vocabulary

Buildings and premises: key points to consider


Key points in production and product traceability

Quality control

Quality management (release, internal audits, documentation, etc.)

Cosmetics: Good manufacturing practices
ISO 22716

Cosmetic products must be manufactured in compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). ISO 22716 is the reference text for cosmetics GMP.

The objective of this training day is to understand and implement the requirements of the standard through practical examples.

It is open to any entity that needs to comply with the standard, as well as to any professional involved in the process for the first time (manufacturer, craftsperson, production manager, infrastructure manager, quality system manager, internal auditor, etc.).

Adventure tourism : Safety management system
ISO 21101

Implementation of the management system 

Integration of dedicated management software


Integration with the company's organisational system 





Introduction to accreditation

Impartiality and confidentiality 

Equipment: how do you set up optimum equipment management?

Organisation to be set up and definition of roles and responsibilities


Introduction to method validation

Test and/or calibration reports

Parallels between ISO 9001 and ISO 17025

Standards language and vocabulary

Process approach

Management of external service providers 

Key points for sampling and handling test objects

Recording management


Managing non-conformities and complaints

QMS management


QMS for testing and calibration laboratories, Introduction to ISO 17025

The ISO 17025 standard describes the general requirements that testing and calibration laboratories must apply in order to demonstrate their competence in terms of reliability of results and control of their activities.

The basis of any ISO 17025 accreditation process is a documented Quality Management System (QMS).

This training course is designed to help you understand the normative requirements and plan the deployment of a Quality Management System (QMS) for your laboratory.

It is aimed at test and calibration laboratory staff, future QMS managers and internal auditors.

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